Hi, my name is MissEverythingelse. Passionate teacher, striving artist and DIY enthusiast. My father was the first to stumble upon Teachers Pay Teachers and I’m not sure how it happened, but he got his shop up and running and launched his first set; the surfer kids. This all happened while I was completing my teaching course. Now, almost 4 years later I joined the team officially with my first launch, inspired by my father’s creation and my need to change my classroom decor (again).

First thing I wanted to sort out was my classroom discipline. From the good, positive classroom discipline only good will grow. I’ve been using the discipline chart method for 2 years and it has done wonders for the discipline management in my classroom.  I wanted to connect this chart with a wonderful, empowering and inspiring theme. Being obsessed with the Avengers saga and the latest to the edition; End Game, I wanted my kids to aspire to a superhero kind of mentality. A mentality of endurance, optimism, loyalty, self-control and rising to the occasion. I loved that the heroes were most definitely not perfect and not always reaching the previously mentioned characteristics BUT when it matter they were ready to safe the future.

It’s easy then; kids are the future and the future needs saving. Superhero classroom theme it will be! But then my greatest struggle was to find a character style… luckily my brilliant father suggested “Use the surfer kids!” and it worked. Completing my first set and launching it was just a creative injection, so keep your eyes on this space because surfer kids are gearing up and getting ready for some awesome adventure and I’m so excited to be the one to take them on life’s journey.

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